Autocross Site & Entry Fee Information

Event Site: Marana Regional Airport

Marana Regional Airport is located at 11700 W Avra Valley Rd, approximately 5 miles off I-10. Whether coming from Phoenix or Tucson, the easiest way to access the site is to use Exit 242 from I-10 for Avra Valley Rd, and then proceed to the West.

Primary Access Gate

The primary gate is used to access the site for most regional events. Travelling West on Avra Valley Rd from I-10, you will cross a canal with 100ft long concrete walls on both sides of the road. After a quarter mile, you will see an opening in the fence on your right to a gravel road with cones marking the entrance. Follow this road to a gravel parking lot where you will find the entrance gate and waiver station.

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Alternate Access Gate (North Paddock Configuration)

The alternate gate is used to access the site when paddock is configured to be at the North end of the site. Travelling West on Avra Valley Rd from I-10, you will cross the same canal as above, but then you will turn right onto a paved road just 400 feet from the end of the canal. Follow the paved road all the way around to the North end of the site, where you will find the entrance gate and waiver station.

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Site Regulations

This site is an active airport.
Failure to comply with site regulations can result in you being asked to leave the event without a refund.

Take extra precautions to ensure the site is kept safe, clean and not damaged in any way. We need to build a positive relationship with the airport so we can continue use of the site. Remind others around you if they appear to have forgotten the rules. There will be a number of garbage cans located near the paddock, grid, and trailer. Please use them. AZBR will provide 12"x12" boards for use with jacks and jack stands. They must be used to prevent damage to the pavement.

  1. Site entry for participants is listed on the event calendar for each event. If you show up before the listed time please wait outside the black fence as we will be setting up the paddock and other required boundaries.
  2. Participating cars and tow vehicles shall be parked in the paddock area as indicated on the course/site map. Park on the pavement only. Do not park on the dirt.
  3. At each event, a mandatory drivers meeting will be held at the time indicated on the event calendar. If more time is needed for setup/course walking we can move this out as required.
  4. The Beech Starship aircraft located on the site are off limits. Do not visit them.
  5. All participants and spectators shall remain in the autocross site area. This is defined by the lighter pavement area (uncoated) and can be seen on the overview map as the largest yellow rectangle. The aircraft taxi ways on the west and north edges are off limits. They are coated and appear darker.
  6. Boards shall be used under jacks and jack stands to prevent damage to the pavement. AZBR will provide the boards and they will be located near the paddock area. Ask if you cannot find them. Please return them when finished so they can be used at future events.
  7. Fluids leaked onto the pavement will NOT be tolerated. Water (i.e. air conditioner condensation) is acceptable. If your car leaks any oil or other fluids you will not be allowed to run. Either fix the leak before the event or do not participate. You can get a refund if desired up to 24 hours before the event. If your car leaks when you show up on the site you will not be allowed to run. The exception to this is a breakage that occurs while participating in the event. If the leak can be repaired quickly off the pavement then continuing to run may be allowed. We do understand that things can go wrong while running your car.
  8. No filling of fluids-including but not limited to fuel, oil, and coolant-on any asphalt surface. As with the previous item, this is to prevent damage to the pavement. It is absolutely imperative that we do our best to maintain the surface if we are going to continue to enjoy the privilege of using it.
  9. Cars entered for competition shall remain on the paved area once entered until ready to leave the site. This is to minimize dirt and debris that could be transferred from unpaved areas by sticky tires.
  10. If your car is really loud, i.e. does not fit within the SCCA rules of 100db, then put a muffler on. If you have to question whether your car loudness is close to the limit, then put the muffler on.
  11. One (1) portable toilet will be provided (rented by AZBR). Please keep it clean.
  12. The site is an active airport and any FOD (Foreign Object Debris), from a Kleenex to a water bottle, is extremely dangerous to the operating aircraft and to our future use of the site. Contain your own trash and pick up anything you see. There will be a few garbage cans on site. Use those or take trash off site when you leave.
  13. If an aircraft taxis on the either of the two taxi ways immediately adjacent to the course, the event will be stopped until the aircraft is clear of the area. If you are in the middle of a run you will get a re-run. This is not a likely scenario, but be prepared in case it happens.

Entry Fees

SCCA Members

Registering Online
Registering On Site

Non SCCA (Weekend) Members

Registering Online
Registering On Site

Due to COVID, the following restrictions apply:

  1. No on site registrations can be accepted at this time. All entrants must pre register and pre pay using PayPal.

  2. Only registered participants are allowed onsite at this time. Please do not bring any guests or invite any guests as they will not be allowed to enter the site.
The SCCA requires that all event participants be SCCA members. If you are not an SCCA member a weekend membership is available for an extra $10, which is included in the Non SCCA entry fees shown above.

Time Only Registration

All Participants

Time Only entries can only be registered for in addition to a regular competition entry. This applies to both SCCA and non SCCA members, and both pre-registered and on-site entries.

Accepted Payments

Entry fees can be paid online via Paypal while registration is open.

Pay With Paypal

The day of the event, registration accepts cash and checks made out to 'Arizona Border Region SCCA' or 'AZBR SCCA'. We do not accept credit cards on site.