Tire Rack Street Survival School

For the third year running, the Arizona Border Region will be hosting a Tire Rack Street Survival school this fall. This year the school will take place on Saturday, November 1st at our usual autocross site, Marana Regional Airport.

What is Street Survival? It is a national driver education program aimed at teaching teens the skills they need to improve their competence as drivers. The goal of the one day class is for students to better understand how their actions govern a car’s responses, and as a result to become safer, more effective drivers on the road.

How's it done? Students are paired with an experienced instructor and participate in both classroom style learning and "hands-on" driving experience in real-world situations. We use the students own car to teach then about how it reacts and how they can control it in an emergency and stay safe.

Cost for the school is $75 and it will run from 8:30am to approximately 3:30pm on Saturday, November 1st. For more information about Street Survival, visit the StreetSurvival.org website. If you have questions about the November 1st school, send us an email at reg-trss@azbrscca.org. To register, click the button below.

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Sunday, November 23 at Marana Regional Airport

Online registration will open: Friday, November 14 at 7:00pm.

Please refer to the event calendar for event schedules and run/work order.

October 19 Two Days of Awesome Autocross at Marana Regional Airport
October 18 Two Days of Awesome Autocross at Marana Regional Airport
September 28 Autocross at Marana Regional Airport
August 24 Autocross at Marana Regional Airport

Be Awesome in October

It's awesome time again ladies and gentlemen. October 18th and 19th the Border Region will again be hosting a two-day, National Tour style autocross weekend at Marana Regional airport. As usual, we are offering $10 off for the weekend if you sign up for both days and are paid in full for the weekend by close of on-site registration on Saturday. Registration for both days opens on Thursday, October 2nd at 7:00pm.

If you haven't been to one of AZBR's two-day events before, or need a refresher on the details, right this way please!

Region #88

The Sports Car Club of America is represented in the Tucson and southern Arizona area by the Arizona Border Region, region #88, which is part of the larger SCCA Southern Pacific Division. The Arizona Border region host Solo events, more commonly referred to as autocross, we also have Rallycross events and Road Rally events. The Region also holds monthly board meetings, typically the first Tuesday of each month, which are open to anyone interested in the SCCA, autocross, or the Region's activities.


Club Meetings

Club meetings are open to anyone with an interest in the club and its events. You don't have to be an SCCA member to attend and you don't have to have attended an event yet either.

Meetings satrt at 7pm and are typically on the first Tuesday of the month. Exceptions are conflicts with national holidays including the running of the Tire Rack Solo National Championships in early September.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, November 4

Location: Brushfire BBQ at 22nd & Kolb

Feel free to attend and enjoy free food and bench racing.


RallyX events in Tucson are hosted by the Arizona Rally Group at MC Motorsports Park. For event details, please visit the AZRG web site or Facebook page.

AZ Rally Group MC Motorsports Park

Road Rally

The Arizona Border Region will be hosting two National Touring Rally events the weekend of March 15th and 16th. On Saturday the 15th, rallymaster Dave Jameson will be constructing a scenic drive through the Santa Rita mountains and RioRico, ending in Noglaes, Arizona for the Desert Skies National Touring Rally. On Sunday the 16th, rallymaster Karl Broberg wil have prepared another scenic drive through RioRico, Amado, and Arivaca this time ending in Tucson for the Great Canyon National Touring Rally.

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