Rallycross Supplemental Regulations

The regulations below apply to all events held by the Arizona Rally Group in addition to the rules specified in the official SCCA Rule Book.


The Safety Steward of record has final say in all safety related issues.

All drivers and passengers must wear a Snell 2005 or better helmet. (See SCCA rulebook 6.3.P for details)

Cars must pass a safety/tech inspection before being allowed on course. If the Event Safety Steward determines that a vehicle cannot safely negotiate the course, it may be excluded.

Course is subject to immediate change if degradation is determined to cause a safety concern.

Speed limit is 5mph (non-race speed).

Bring drinking water and food. It gets hot, so extra water is a must have.

Photographers must stay within a normal spectator area unless given specific permission by the Event Chair or Safety Steward.

There will be 6 runs per entry. However, if weather or some other unforeseen event occurs that causes safety issues this may be cut short.

Course cones that are displaced or upset will result in a 2 second penalty per cone. Missing a gate or going off course will result in a 10 second penalty per directional cone/gate. Jumping the start will be treated as an off course penalty. Hitting or displacing gate cones result in the 2 second per cone penalty.

Cones displaced after the finish line will count as penalties to discourage reckless driving at the finish. Keep in mind our timing sensors are located here and we do not want them destroyed.

In order to preserve the course we will be running the Stock Class vehicles in the first run group. Those in Modified cars will run in the second run group. We may be watering the course before the event and after 3 competitive laps. Entries for 4 driver cars will still be allowed however, two of those drivers will be moved into Run Group 1 or 2 regardless of class.


  • S2 - Stock 2 wheel drive
  • S4 - Stock 4 wheel drive
  • M2 - Modified 2 wheel drive
  • M4 - Modified 4 wheel drive

Commercially available passenger tires are the only acceptable tires in the stock class. Truck tires may not be used on a stock vehicle unless that vehicle is a truck. For the 2014+ season winter tires specifically marked with the winter logo WILL be allowed in the stock classes.

The Modified class may additionally use rally tires/truck tires.


Scoring will be based on a cumulative time of all runs and awards will be given based on class for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

For a mechanical DNF the driver(s) will be given the slowest time of their class +10 seconds for each run not finished. (999 used on site)

The fastest time in each class shall receive 100. Points for slower time = (fastest/slower time)x500 - 400.

The minimum number of points for any entrant shall be 20.

At the end of the season, the lowest scoring event will be dropped from your points total and the remaining 5 events points will make up your championship points. This allows for you to have an “off day” or completely miss 1 event.


Passengers will be allowed in the front seats only. They must be an SCCA member or have completed the weekend membership form, and be wearing an approved helmet.


Online Pre-registration is done exclusively through AZBR Registration. Registering and paying online will save you $10 vs the cost of on-site registration.

Online Pre-registraion for SCCA Members is $40. ($60 for non members)

On-Site Registration (Cash only) for SCCA Members is $50. ($70 for non members)

If you are not a member of the SCCA you need to purchase a Weekend Membership at an additional $20 as shown above. You will need to fill out the membership form at the event.

Passengers also must be SCCA Members, either a full member or a Weekend Membership.

We appreciate those who pre-register as it makes our lives quite a bit easier.