COVID Supplemental Regulations

The following regulations apply for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic. If there are any conflicts between these and other regulations, the COVID supplementals will take precedence.

Sick/ill Driver Policy

Please do not show up to the event if you are sick or are showing signs of being sick. While being sick or under the influence of medication is not conducive to driving at a high level of competition, we also do not allow participants to be under the influence of any drugs. We reserve the right to turn away anyone that is not feeling well or under the influence of any drugs.

Masks and social distancing

This is a fully outdoor event and masks are not required. We do ask that you be considerate of distancing, especially near crowded areas such as the timing table and the scoreboard.

Online registration/payment

All competitors must pre-register and pre-pay their entry online. No registrations or payments will be accepted in person at this time.

Loaner helmets

Loaner helmets are available at your own risk. If sanitizing them is important to you, please bring your own materials to do so.

Autocross Supplemental Regulations

The regulations below apply to all events held by the Arizona Border Region SCCA in addition to the rules specified in the official SCCA Rule Book.

Novice Arrival Time

Novices must complete the registration process 30 minutes prior to posted site meeting time in order to compete at that event. Novices arriving late will not be allowed to compete.

Waiver of Liability

Everyone entering the property on which the event is held must sign the SCCA Release and Waiver of Liability form and wear the provided wristband in an easily visible location (on their person, not on the vehicle).

Anyone refusing to sign the waiver will be asked to leave the event site.


Any minor that will be in any 'hot' area outside of the designated spectator area must have completed a minor waiver. These includes but is not limited to the grid area, riding as a passenger, or participating as a competitor. The minor waiver form is available online here as are instructions on completing the form, here.

Driver Registration

All drivers must report to the registration table during the morning registration time. Each driver (with the exception of junior karts) must present his or her valid driver's license upon registering and paying for their event entry. SCCA members must present a valid and current SCCA membership card.

Non-SCCA members must complete a weekend membership form to be allowed to participate.

Tech Inspection

All competitors must pass a Technical Inspection prior to the event. To enter the Tech Inspection area, a vehicle must be "ready to run", meaning all loose items must be out of the passenger compartment and trunk, lug nuts tightened, etc.  In addition, the vehicle must have no obvious safety problems, such as a loose battery, brake lines dragging underneath the car, etc.  If a tech inspector deems a vehicle not ready for inspection, that vehicle must be removed from the Tech Inspection area until it is ready.


All competitors must either provide a helmet conforming to the current SCCA rules when presenting their vehicle for Technical Inspection, or agree to use one of the AZBR's loaner helmets.  Loaner helmets are available at the timing trailer between run groups.

We also recommend bringing your own helmet or at least a head sock for usage within the loaner helmets. Head socks are usually available for purchase for $2, as long as supplies are available.


Competitors may take passengers at their discretion.  All passengers are required to wear a helmet conforming to SCCA rules, and must have already taken their competition runs, if any.  If the members of a class agree, exceptions may be made to the competition run requirement, for example: to allow a Novice driver to ride as a passenger before or during their competition runs. All passengers must keep their hands, limbs and head completely inside the vehicle at all times.

Passengers that are not driving in the event are allowed to ride along during competition or time only runs, at individual driver's discretion. There is no charge for non-competitor passengers, however they ou must complete a weekend membership form prior to riding along. It is preferable to do this at the registration table while registration is open in the morning. If registration has closed an event official can assist you in completing a form.

Kart Safety

When karts are competing in an event, all other vehicles will be stopped while the karts are on course and in transit to and from the start and finish areas.  When possible, karts will all run in the same run group, usually at the front of that group.

Grid & Paddock Speed Limit

The speed limit in the pit and grid areas is 15mph. Burnouts and any other unsafe driving is not allowed.  Anyone driving in an unsafe manner will be asked to leave the event.

Competition Categories (Local Classes)

PAX - Indexed scoring with any SCCA class allowed

Open - Heads up (non-indexed) scoring against entrants in the same class. Any SCCA class is allowed and results are grouped by class (Open A Street, Open B Street, etc.)

Ladies - Ladies only, indexed scoring with any SCCA class allowed

Novice - New participants with cars in any SCCA class. Restrictied to entrants that have not won a trophy in an AZBR series in any category and who have competed in 6 or fewer events with AZBR. If an entrant reaches the 6 event limit in the middle of an ongoing series, they will be allowed to complete the series in the Novice category.

Run/Work Format

All events are a work/run format.  All competitors must be available to work one run group for each group in which they run.  This includes Time Only runs.  The Worker Chief will provide work assignments at each event, prior to the start of each group.  Any competitor not reporting for work will have their runs disqualified, and no results will be posted.  Multiple absences will result in that competitor being banned from future events.

Scoring & Points

Each cone knocked over or out of place is a 2-second penalty.  Each deviation from the course (e.g., missing a gate, skipping a slalom cone) will result in the run being scored as a Did Not Finish (DNF).  Results for the event and the current Series will be determined by competitor's PAX time in their respective class.  PAX and Novice categories are treated as a single class for this purpose, with each competitor's score based on the vehicle's appropriate PAX class.


Should you choose to leave an event once paid/registered on site our policy on refunds is to provide credit. Be sure to request a credit record from one of the event organizers before you leave. This applies to competition and time only charges. Once you have made a run during a competition run group or time only run group credit will not be given. Examples of when a credit will be granted are: you have an emergency which requires you to leave prior to starting a competition or time only run group; your car does not pass inspection; or your car has a technical problem and cannot make it to grid for the first run.

Credits are valid for one year from the date of the credit. Redemption of credit can be made at future events. It's your responsibility to keep track of your credit.